How to support someone who is multiple-written by our foster mom J

1) Consistancy -The most important thing is to show consistancy when forming connections with someone who is multiple. This means keeping your promises, admitting your mistakes and doing what you say you’re going to do.

2) Learning- There are many books on multiplicity readily available on amazon in addition to hundreds of survivors sites and advocacy resources available via the internet. While each survivor is different, the more you read the better understanding you’ll develop.

3) Open Mindedness – survivors areas unique as non-survivors. Reading Sybil, when rabbit howls, or other popular books on multiplicity may be helpful but many multiples are nothing like them. It’s unfortunate that the most successful multiple is often unknown

4) Compassion – We will never fully know what a survivor experienced, and each survivor is different, but expressing a genuine love and concern will go a long way. We also need to develop compassion for ourselves when hearing of very disturbing aspects of the abuse they endured.

5) Having a sense of humor/fun -This should be a big part of anyones healing and an important aspect of how a survivor survives day to day in life. We all need to laugh more, experience more joy and happiness. It’s actually healing on a spiritual/psychological level to experience genuine happiness and joy as a part of recovery.

There are many more and feel free to add whatever you may find helpful. We all learn from one another and others are free to express what works for them.

Good luck and I hope whatever you do to support someone with mpd did, it works!

J, Emilys foster mom


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