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Summer officially begins today!

well…mine does anyway. i havent been in school in months, but today marks the end of this school term. and i am celebrating along with all of my friends.
we’re going to my friend k’s house on saturday night. there is a sleep over there. of course my stupid social worker made it really difficult and almost stopped me from going to the sleep over, thats stupid foster care rules for you.
but the good news is i am going. as long as our foster mom got permission from our social worker, and talked to K’s parents to ensure that all the kids would be supervised, i was allowed to go.
so yay win win!
we’ll probably have pizza, and fries, and popcorn, and peanuts, and coke, yay love coke.
we’ll probably do make up, and play music loud….watch movies…chick flick and commedies!
i think its gonna be a good night. K is my best friend too and she knows about our did and she knows most all of everything about me!
i think she knows me better than i know me.
well, gotta go eat breakfast now. Happy Friday everyone and thanks for reading!


May 30, 2014 at 5:43 am 1 comment

Being a foster kid sucks…in every way

Growing up in foster care sucks. Fucking sucks doesnt even begin to cover it.

Never feeling like you belong anywhere

Never fitting in with other kids because you are a foster kid and different

Never having a “real” family, even though you have an awesome foster mom and foster dad

Never seeing your siblings, because you are deamed too messed up and emotionally unstable.

Never knowing if you’ll be moved, because if it suits your social worker, then you could be.

Being too afraid to talk in case your bio family find out.

Never having anyone to call your “real mom” because no one wants to adopt you and even if our foster mom did want it, the legalities make it near impossible and we’d be aged out before it happened.

Feeling a sense of isolation and aloneness all of the time.

Finding making friends hard because we feel so different from everyone.

Yes, being a foster kid really fucking blows.

May 28, 2014 at 3:01 am 2 comments

Dipping our toe back in…

Its Emily. I havent been here in a really really long time. A lot has happened since I last blogged.
The good news is that I’m still with the same foster mom. She’s awesome.
The bad news is that I got very sick and ended up having a complete break down and ended up in hospital for months.
I’m now being home schooled, again. More bad news as I’d just gone back to school and was just starting to fit in and find my feet.
Schools almost over now for the year. Just a few more days and it’ll be done.
I’ve missed you all. I’ve missed having a place to come and write in on my bad days.
The hospital was sooo scary for me and for my insiders. It was not a great experience.
I am getting a new social worker soon…more good news, as my last one was a pain in the ass.
I’m still in therapy with my wonderful and awesome therapist who has kept me and us alive through some really really tough times lately.
Well, thats about it for now. Please write me and let me know how you are. Thanks for reading!

May 27, 2014 at 11:55 pm 2 comments

To Train Up A Child: a child abuse manual – Please support the campaign to get this banned

This is awful guys. Write to amazon and get it banned, asap! People should not be allowed to sell this stuff!

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Can I read you a poem?

This post really speaks to me. Thanks for writing it. Xx

A Life of Madness

I said this book is for you and I. But you are who I’m writing to. You are who I’m spilling my guts to. You are who I’m clutching my throat for as I scream “you are not your diagnosis, you are not that 1-in-3, you are not the medication prescribed to you, you are person!” My god please, please hear me. You are a person. You are not their statistics, you are not their experiment with psychopharmacology and psychotherapy, you are not one of their 12 steps. You are flesh, you are feelings, you are friend, you are child, you are beautiful, you are person. You are mad. 

But. There is so much beauty in your madness. Live it. Write the book. Make this your masterpiece. Let go of it all. Forget all those questions you have. Let the madness come. Let it come organically and wash over…

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Re-blog comebacks to depression comments

December 8, 2013 at 3:22 am 2 comments

The choice to be a patient

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