Meet some of the insiders inside of Emily who post here

First, there is Emily, our host. The person born into the body.  Emily is our legal name.  But she is rarely around and when she is, she is mostly in denial about us and freaking out.  Some days she can hear us, some days she cant.  It just depends.  Sometimes she reads this here blog and knows a little of whats happening but that isnt all the time.

Sometimes she will even write in here too.  There are lots of us who make up Emily. We are children, and teens, and a few adults. Dont even ask how an adult alter can get in a childs body because I dont know how that works!  But anyway, here are a few of us, listed in no particular order. This is not all of us, just those who want to be mentioned.

children or littles

Gracie, age 4-Comes out when everyone is unsettled or not doing ok, she is a really happy child, she’s never scared or afraid

lizzy, age 5-Very scared and terrified of blood

simone, age 5-Holds memories of a drowning incident

ivy and evie, age 5-Playful and very cute

Leya, age 6-Really traumatised little girl, has severe flashbacks all the time if she is out

alexis, age 6-Doesnt feel any emotions

taylor, age 6-Stuck in the past has flashbacks a lot and when she does she sees blood

doreena, age 6-Happy go lucky she is really cute and just likes to talk to anyone and isnt shy

brook, age 7-Happy go lucky her job was to be happy and act normal when all the bad stuff was going on

daisy, age 7-Loyal to bio family

jody, age 7-Loyal to bio family

taryn, age 8-Usually happy but has a complex about herself, thinks she is ugly and unworthy of love

cristal, age 8-Shy, timid, speaks very softly, doesnt trust people too easily

april, age 8-A little psychotic and hallucinates and sees bugs and stuff

ali, age 9-Usually angry unless she trusts you

Cassie-age 9-Remembers abuse, is particularly protective of our siblings, wants us all to be a proper family and live together again

Elcie age 9-In total denial all the time. Thinks we werent ever abused. Doesnt believe us when we tell her what we remember.

maisie, age 9-Holds a lot of abuse memories, very confused about what is right and wrong

Sam, age 9-Loves our bio mom, wants her and doesnt want anyone else for a mom, she just loves her real mommy and thats all

Jaime age 10-Has no memories of abuse is here to be the perfect daughter for our foster mom

K.C age 10-Remembers going to school, and being bullied by other kids at school, in the past.

Chloe, age 11-suicidal and depressed all the time

holly, age 11-The calm one, the stable one

Tara and Zara, age 12-The ones who mostly go to school or are out during the school days nowadays


Teens they dont want to say there age

















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  • 1. cardamone5  |  December 8, 2013 at 2:16 pm

    Thank you for following my post. I am looking forward to learning more about you.

    Best regards,


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