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To Train Up A Child: a child abuse manual – Please support the campaign to get this banned

This is awful guys. Write to amazon and get it banned, asap! People should not be allowed to sell this stuff!


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Can I read you a poem?

This post really speaks to me. Thanks for writing it. Xx

A Life of Madness

I said this book is for you and I. But you are who I’m writing to. You are who I’m spilling my guts to. You are who I’m clutching my throat for as I scream “you are not your diagnosis, you are not that 1-in-3, you are not the medication prescribed to you, you are person!” My god please, please hear me. You are a person. You are not their statistics, you are not their experiment with psychopharmacology and psychotherapy, you are not one of their 12 steps. You are flesh, you are feelings, you are friend, you are child, you are beautiful, you are person. You are mad. 

But. There is so much beauty in your madness. Live it. Write the book. Make this your masterpiece. Let go of it all. Forget all those questions you have. Let the madness come. Let it come organically and wash over…

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Re-blog comebacks to depression comments

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The choice to be a patient

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Our friends, and worry over end of term exams

I have to say, I have the coolest friends. All or most all of my friends know my diagnosis. And they’re cool about it. They dont look down on me because of it, no, instead, they accept me and my insiders. In fact some of them are even friends with particular insiders. I love my friends so much.

I’m worried about school and the end of year exams. I’m way behind in my work, due to being sick lots this term, and also having to spend some days out of school because we had melt downs or couldnt cope etc etc. So now I’m worried about whether I’ll pass the exams. There is a team of 5 of us including me who do school and the school work. The others on the team are Tara, Zara, Abby and Gabby. We are all quick and eager to learn, but I dont know, I’m just worried that we havent studied enough in order to pass our exams.


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She remembers, trigger warning!

she sits in the sitting room with her foster mom. her foster mom holds her as she screams in pain. the flashbacks begin to flood her. she shakes violently…she thinks it will never stop. over and over, her foster mom tells her she is safe, safe…nobody ever said that word to her before she came to live with her foster family. what is safe? what does that even mean? she doesnt feel safe. inside is chaotic. everybodys talking at once. everyone is remembering horrific abuse. she begins to spew angry words.

“i hate you”

“kill me”

“i want to die”

“you dont love me, nobody loves me”

“why dont you just give me back to the HSE?”

she exhausts herself and falls flat on the floor. her foster mom sits beside her rubbing her back…telling her to let it all out and it will be ok. she’ll call her therapist as soon as she is calmed down. this was how it was for us earlier this evening. we feel somewhat better now thanks to our awesome foster mom, and our awesome therapist, who sucks sometimes too, but we love her all the same.

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