just some updates…cuz its been a while since we wrote

October 14, 2013 at 11:51 am Leave a comment

hi everybody
its me allie remember me? the angry kid who always has melt downs? well here i am writing.

so we havent written here in a while. lots of stuff has been going on. im not even sure where to start.
over the summer we were hospitalised with pneumonia, for about 3 weeks, and then we were hospitalised in a psych ward for 15 days. we was put in with a bunch of adults cuz there were no wards for kids. that sucked.
mostly the other adults on the ward was weird and we kept to ourselfs.
we got some of our meds changed, i hate meds so much, they make me spacy and xone out a lot.
we’re been home schooled again for a few months, just until we are able to cope a little bit better with our life and with being around a ton of people again.
our foster mom got rid of the other two foster kids that she had because she said she wanted to only focus on us. that made me feel special.
there was a court case recently to determine whether we would be staying in care for the duration until we reach 18 but a month before the court case our bio mom decided she was coming off heroin, she wont, but once she said it the social workers had to give her a chance, that sucks too. i hate her so much for all the stuff she did to us kids.
but anyway now we only got a year from the judge, so we are staying with our foster mom for another year, and if our mom comes off drugs completely by then she gets to get us all back and i hope that wont happen.
therapy is hard and my therapist sucks a lot cuz she makes me talk about real hard stuff when i dont wanna.
i’ve been talking to them on childline too and i had problems recently with one call facilitator but i sorted her out cuz i told the childline manager and she fixed it for me.
it just makes me real insecure now about who i can trust and so i only wanna talk to people i know and have spoken to before, but yesterday i did talk to one girl and i didnt never talk to her before.
well thats all my updates for now…
allie, age 9


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