I admit it, I was wrong!

November 2, 2012 at 11:46 pm Leave a comment

i just had the most amazing chat to a girl called tina on childline. i swore i’d never talk to her. i did not like how she sounded. so i refused to talk to her. tonight i rang and i didnt really have anyone in mind to talk to, she answered. the first time i hung up right away as soon as i heard her voice. the second time i rang and she answered i stayed on the phone for like 30 seconds. she said hi this is childline, i stayed silent, and then she said, please talk to me…and i kind of felt sorry for her, i said to myself, my god she must be getting lots of silent calls. so i hung up again and then i said i’ll try one more time and whoever answers i’ll just talk to them. well, she answered. and i talked to her.

she’s really actually very cool. she didnt start off the call in the usual way, by asking my name, age etc. she said how are you, how was your week? i got the shock of my life. i totally was not expecting that! so i was kind of wound up, as usual, nothing new there. i said to her, im angry, so stay on my good side, but heres the thing. we just chatted about all sort of things, from smart phones, to stories in the news, and lots of other shit. i told her i missed tara, i usually talk to tara on fridays, and she said tara is a good friend of hers. that made me like her all the more! anyone who is taras friend, im gonna like them.

at the end of our call she thanked me for making the last half hour of her shift go quickly. i thought that was funny. im definitely going to talk to her again. and although we didnt discuss serious stuff, i dont mind. it was worth it. sometimes its just good to distract yourself from all the shit by talking about day to day general stuff. i could forget for a while how much i hate my life lately. so thank you, tina, you rock!



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