O my god, this hit me hard today

October 14, 2012 at 12:28 pm Leave a comment

OMG, this song, it really hit me hard today. i’ve been so down lately, so lost, so alone, so…i dont know, just feeling all sort of uncomfortable feelings.
today i turned on my ipod, and this song came on.
so i searched the video out on youtube.
see the boy in this video? see his eyes? that could be us.
the look of pain, hurt in them? thats us. thats how we look a lot of the time.
its hard to admit that. but its the truth.
i feel it too, not just the other insiders, i do too, and that is hard to admit to myself or to others because i am used to being tough.

some of the song lyrics that really hit home for me are as follows

nothing to hide
stifle or smother
suffered and cried
strife made me tougher

to think…
I used to blame me
I wonder what I did, to make you hate me?

Life’s a journey
And mine wasnt an easy ride

Ijust wished you woulda reached out
I wish you were around
when I been down

Know that if I ever have kids
Unlike you
I’ll never let them be without me

You see me smile
Now your gonna have to see me hurting
Cause pretending everythings all right when it aint
Really isnt working

OMG, I’m gonna be obsessed with this song now. Its my new favourite I think. Let me know what you think?


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You know…There are ways of saying things… the rules are there for a reason

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