melt down day

October 2, 2012 at 9:50 pm Leave a comment

it was a baaaad day. melt down at school. we got sent home. spent the rest of the afternoon feeling sick, and throwing up. yeah, freakin crap. crapola crap crap. hate days like this. i hate melt downs. why do they always happen to me? why me? that is the million dollar question without an answer. i thought i was getting better. why do i feel worse? why cant i just get over it and get over things? why cant i feel a little better and not a hundred times worse? i feel like shit. total shit. stressed, anxious, and the meds arent helping. actually we threw them all up. well ok we’ve just taken night meds, we didnt throw those ones up. but this afternoons meds, gone. so then we were majorly wigging out. not freakin cool. i hate this day. fucking hate it.



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taryn-i like this one song it bes taylor

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