i like april on childline

September 8, 2012 at 12:40 am Leave a comment

tonite wel it was yeserday now i toked to april on childline she is so cool i like her i was scared at de start of de call she help me not to be scared she ask me to tel her a litle abowt me so she can get to kno me and i did she make me easier cus her say i kno ali and i kno april an daisy and i didnt even kno she did so i was glad to kno dat cus it make it easier to tok den knowin she knowed some other insiders we tok abowt wat make me hapy and den i ask her if she lik me but her wasnt able to say she not allowed to anser that but i didnt kno dat i was kind of upset den cus i thot i maked her mad she said no i didnt i cudnt mak her mad at all she said it is normal to ask qestions and for me to want to know about her that is normal and not to worry abowt it so im not but she said she cant anser everything i ask but she is never mad at me and we are frends i am glad i wanna be frends wif her i tol her i don relly lik myself it cus of my mommy she mak me hate myself cus her say over and over i a horrible purson an wen somone says dat enough you believ it so i do she said no it not true at all jus cus someone says somfin dont mean it true i am gona work on a list of good fings bout myself for the next tim we tok i didnt start that yet but i wil mabe i can start it afer i rite this post


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This quote says so much Foster kids with no family … never see the sun.

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