Its just one of those nights…

September 1, 2012 at 11:52 pm Leave a comment

Where nothing is going right, where I just want to scream that I am not ok, that we are not ok, where I’d like to open up to someone, but I cant. Its too difficult. It would mean showing my vunnerability to them, that person being my foster mom. I know she’s seen plenty of things and dealt with plenty from us but, I dont know, I feel so crazy, like I am this awful person and she hates me. I know she doesnt but I just feel like she does. Its kind of messed up. I am kind of messed up. My heart says one thing and my head says something completely different. I hate that. I hate this night. The majority of the day was ok. Its just been this evening. I’d say we’re in for a rough night tonight. Sigh.



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Runaway-This is how I feel right now? don wanna

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