Emily-Social anxiety test I took

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Fear Avoidance
0 None Never
I came across this online so thought I’d do it and post it here too.

1 Mild Occasionally
2 Moderate Often

3 Severe Usually

1. Using a telephone in public
Fear: 2 | Avoidance: 3
I don’t like phones in general. I will talk on the phone to my family, and certain friends at certain times, I also talk to people on childline, but other than that no phones for me. I also don’t answer our house phone, anyone who needs/wants to talk to me should know my mobile number. It also depends on my mood whether I’ll take a call or not, if the number is unknown they can leave a message and if I need to call them back maybe I will. When I do have to talk on the phone, to family, friends, or whatever I like to do so in the privacy of my own home and usually text them to call me back later (family & friends) or quickly answer the phone and ask for a call back if possible if it’s mental health people.

2. Participating in a small group activity
Fear: 2 | Avoidance: 2
I can’t put 3’s here because being in school you are constantly put in situations where you need to work as small groups.

3. Eating in public
Fear: 0 | Avoidance: 0

4. Drinking with others
Fear: N/A | Avoidance: N/A
I don’t drink alcohol so this question is non applicable.

5. Talking to someone in authority
Fear: 3 | Avoidance: 3
I avoid this at all costs.

6. Acting, performing, or speaking in front of an audience
Fear: 3 | Avoidance: 2
I can do it if necessary but am anxious and nervous the entire time.

7. Going to a party
Fear: 3 | Avoidance: 2
Same as above. If it’s someone I know real well or feel I need to go I’ll make myself. Exceptions being when manic/hypomanic then I’m all for parties.

8. Working while being observed
Fear: 3 | Avoidance: 3
Makes me sick to my stomach

9. Writing while being observed
Fear: 0 | Avoidance: 0
Doesn’t bother me at all, though I think I write slower when being observed.

10. Calling someone you don’t know very well
Fear: 3 | Avoidance: 3
Can’t do it. Won’t do it. Sorry. That’s why email exists.

11. Talking face to face with someone you don’t know very well
Fear: 3 | Avoidance: 3
Avoided at all costs.

12. Meeting strangers
Fear: 3 | Avoidance: 3
I usually attend events with family and will not separate from them and they do the initiating of conversations.

13. Urinating in a public bathroom
Fear: 0 | Avoidance: 0
Doesn’t bother me.

14. Entering a room when others are already seated
Fear: 2 | Avoidance: 2
Everyone is going to look at me. I’m going to inconvenience people who need to shift or move to make room for me. In classes at school if I’m going to be late I usually just don’t go, because I don’t want to interrupt. I also try to arrive as early as possible so I’m one of the first to have a seat.

15. Being the center of attention
Fear: 3 | Avoidance: 2
I fear being the center of attention since I think I’m being judged or everyone is laughing at me or some other negative reason for being the center of attention. But then again I do like it sometimes.

16. Speaking up at a meeting
Fear: 3 | Avoidance: 2
I don’t really have to avoid this since I don’t have a job and that is where you normally have meetings.

17. Taking a test of your ability, skill, or knowledge
Fear: 1 | Avoidance: 0
I’m pretty confident in most my abilities and actually enjoy testing them but then other people seeing it that changes the whole question…

18. Expressing disagreement or disapproval to someone you don’t know very well
Fear: 3 | Avoidance: 3
Can’t do it. Won’t do it. Will say nothing or change the subject, or even avoid the person.

19. Looking someone who you don’t know very well straight in the eyes
Fear: 3 | Avoidance: 3
I have problems looking people in the eye that I do know. I feel like people can see right through me and into my soul. I remember one day I had really good eye-contact in a counseling session and later something came up and she was reading the notes from that session and said she wrote in caps GOOD EYE CONTACT.

20. Giving a prepared oral talk to a group
Fear: 2 | Avoidance: 2
Still fearful but not as bad if I get a chance to prepare it, especially if I can have the paper in front of me as I speak.

21. Trying to make someone’s acquaintance for the purpose of a romantic/sexual relationship
Fear: 3 | Avoidance: 3
Can’t do it. Won’t do it. Trying to get over this;

22. Returning goods to a store for a refund
Fear: 3 | Avoidance: 3
Won’t do it,

23. Giving a party
Fear: 3 | Avoidance: 3
Can’t do it. Won’t do it.

24. Resisting a high pressure sales person
Fear: 1 | Avoidance: 3
Not so fearful but I avoid it since I tend to cave and buy things I don’t need.

52 (fear) + 50 (avoidance) = 102
*I think these are specific examples and show a combination of social anxiety in new/different settings and avoidant personality traits.


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