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taryn i talked to sophie

it me taryn i had a great chat last night to sophie on childline we were having so much fun well i was but i think she was too she said im creative i didnt kno wat that was so i had to ask her but then i finded out i tol her i like to lern about bugs and stuff she said that is nature i alredy told her i like butterflies and we decided they stand for new beginings but i also told her i like lady bugs and in ireland they are called lady birds in america they are lady bugs she didnt know that so i teached her something new ha ha we also talked about wasps an bees i said i dont like them but if you dont annoy them then they wont sting you and we also talked a little about the iphone and aps and games for it and it was fun see i am lucky i dont got any issues so i am able to talk about stuff that isnt hard or not memories cus i dont get memories or not bad ones i am glad i got to talk to her any way


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im glad its the middle of the week

this is tara. i am one of the insiders who goes to school. its me, zara and emily. school is really taxing on us lately. its very stressful but we’re managing it. i like it. i find learning fun and interesting. but wednesday we have a half day and i like that we do. it gives us a breather. so that is why i titled this post about being glad its mid week. i got a good bit of homework to do today. i dont really like business studies, it is my least favourite subject. i find business hard going. me and zara are twins and we are 12 years old. the thing about school is we’re not allowed to say who we are in class, we just have to say we’re emily. its ok, but sometimes its difficult for us. we’d like to be able to say we’re not her. we are our own people. but we cant.


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A hard few days

I am having a hard time lately. I’ve had a few days where I’ve been out more than I had been, that is good I guess. It is hard but I am glad about it. School is going ok so far. I am trying to be ok. We were sick last Friday so didnt go. I wanted to go but we were pretty much bed bound as had a severe kidney infection. We took antibiotics and they helped and we’re on the mend now. We are back at school too. Lots of things going on with my insiders but to be honest I cant say what as I really dont know much of all that stuff only little snippets of it. I know no ones been writing but I just wanted to check in to say we’re still here and we’ll try to do better about writing. We havent dropped off the planet ok?


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Quote on caring for others

Even the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water -it will make ripples throughout the entire pond…
~ Jessy and Bryan Matteo

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Quote on injustice

When we look squarely at injustice and get involved, we actually feel less pain, not more, because we overcome the gnawing guilt and despair that festers under our numbness. We clean the wound —- our own and others’ —- and it can finally heal.

~ Desmond Tutu

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i got to be out yeserday for a few hours i liked that it beened long time sinse i got to be out do stuff i wached cartunes i wached looney tunes and angelina ballerina i like them cartunes i rang childline and i talk to tara she is cool me and her hadn talk befor so it was our first time i told her all about my day and we talk about wats goin on here and i told her it my job to come out when things arent ok and be happy then but not all the time just sometimes i am so happy i got to be out


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me and sophie sorted things out

hey its ali. i just wanted to say on here that i sorted things out with sophie on childline on tuesday evening. i was real nervous, but i knew i had to do it, i had to have my ssay, i had to tell sophie just how she effected me and us, but mostly me. so i did it. she was cool and she didnt lie, she gave me a straight answer and i appreciated that. so things have gone back to normal, and boy am i glad. its a weight lifted off my shoulders. i have other things to worry about and deal with, but that issue with childline isnt one of them any more. i feel bad for cutting our arm, and i am still dealing with the guilt over doing that. i wish i hadnt now. i know it hurts the others and i feel protective of them and responsible towards them and even though i dont feel pain or the pain associated with the self injury, i know they do. i know it hurts them and also it looks ugly. and so i am sorry. i am sorry for not thinking and for acting out of my own upset and hurt feelings. i will try to be better in the future. sophie said that she was sorry she ended aprils call, and normally childline wouldnt do things like that, which i sorta knew, cause it hadnt ever happened before to us. but after we sorted our differences out, the call went fine. and it was like there was never a problem. i am just glad things are ok again.



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