im just, angry and pissy

August 29, 2012 at 11:46 pm Leave a comment

whats new? arent i always that way?

no, not always. but lately i am. i cant help it. its just how i am feeling.

last night i had a kind of terrible call to childline. i talked to a girl i didnt know and i dont usually do that. well she knew nothing or she acted like it, so i lost it with her. i told her she hasnt a clue and get one. and im not going to give her an easy time of it. i actually told her that straight up. i said im not going to make it easy for you. and she was all like your very angry, and im like so? so fucking what? i am angry. i own it i am angry. deal with it or shut the hell up.

after a little while the call was kind of ok. i guess. but tonight made up for it. i rang and tara answered me. i wasnt expecting that. tara usually works friday evenings, not wednesday evenings. but it was a surprise and a nice one. i enjoyed our chat and i got a lot out of it.

i will talk about the reasons why i am angry in a different post. everythings just so overwhelming right now. a lot is happening and happening very fast and i cant deal with it, none of us can. its all too much. and very stressful too.

no body seems to understand that except our foster mom. she dos try to understand it. but sometimes it just all gets too much. and i want to scram and yell at the top of my lungs, and i do it sometimes. that is when i am most likely to have a massive melt down. during those times.

melt downs arent any fun. justsaying.



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A quote that speaks to me… our mom

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