taylor and sophie

August 14, 2012 at 10:49 pm Leave a comment

i tok to sophie on childline tonite i was so scared i havnt ben ok latly i ben crazee in my head i was tonite to i saw blood i alwas see it but i was rembering stuf to i saw splatters on de walls and it was in a big pudle and i didnt lik it i was rembering my mom stiking needles in herself it was so scary i was cryin den i was fink i be in a difrent room not our room wif dolphins on de walls it is a grey room my old room dats wher i thot i be at sophie help me not be so scared we tok about other stuf lik barbies and she sais did i wanna go get a barbie to hold on de phon wif her so i did i got one in a pink dres a ball gown an i was brushin her hars den it was fun an we tok bout our dog an bout other stuf to an i am glad i tok to her i tol her bout our medcins dat we takin we tak lots of meds lots n lots of it it was a good tok



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me taylor taryn singing

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