The anger

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Add yourI can relate to this so much, although some of it doesnt apply to us. We can relate to the anger part, the rage, the shere anger and being totally pissy with it all, so putting it here…

Our life with MPD/DID

At times the anger becomes overwhelming — at the abusers, at the people who deny it happened, at the people who cover it up, at anyone who looks or acts like the ones who hurt you. I’m not sure what the worst part is, but one worst part is not knowing exactly what happened, having the anger and rage and tiny clues and yet not being able to say for certain, “I know what you did”.

I read that abuse of all kinds, even emotional abuse, triggers amnesia due to damage to the part of the brain that holds memory. So all you’re left with is the scars and the partial flashbacks and being triggered by something that only half makes sense.

I’m finding that working around the holes helps. I don’t want to become an abuser, a hater of whole groups, one of those people who lash out. Defining…

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taryn singing Healing quote I like

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