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Hi everyone.

I am one of the teen insiders. I dont really feel comfortable saying my name yet. So I wont.

I just wanted to write a little bit about tiredness and exhaustion. We are always so tired. When your multiple, and you share a body and share time, its really taxing and tiring. We dont sleep very well either so…that makes us pretty exhausted almost all the time.

We take meds for sleep, for depression, for anxiety, for psychosis, yeah just about for everything. You’d think they’d knock us out. But they dont. We just keep going for days and days until we finally collapse with exhaustion.

Its amazing how many days we can actually go without a good nights sleep. It always amazes me anyway. I mean we do actually sleep but like 2 or 3 hours would be enough for us to keep going for another day, even if we’re really tired.

I wonder if other multiples feel like this? That they never get enough sleep? That they are always tired no matter what sleep they get? Is it just a symptom of the multiplicity? Or could it be from switching and the energy it takes to switch and have different insiders fronting and sharing time and stuff? I donno. It is something to think about I guess.


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making a card I’m not crazy I’m just a little unwell

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