anger got the better of me!

August 3, 2012 at 9:37 pm Leave a comment

last weekend i did something crazy and stupid. well i think it was stupid now. i got really angry, really really angry and i punched a wall. i broke our arm. we spent all of saturday night in the hospital, after me arguing with our foster mom that i didnt want to go. she said my arm looked really swollen and she wanted to have it checked out to see it wasnt broken. i said, its not broken and i’m not going and i said i was going upstairs. she argued with me some more before i started walking upstairs. she said then, ali, i am going to count to three, when i get to three you’d better be at the bottom of the stairs. i knew she was totally serious then. if you know me, you know you gotta tell me to do shit four, five maybe even six times before i actually listen. but when she said that she was gonna count to three, i listened. so we went to the hospital, and they put my arm in plaster. temporary plaster. i had to go back on tuesday to have the real cast fitted. i guess i am sorry for what i did. i didnt think. thats my problem, i never think. i just do crazy shit. its always the same. my mouth runs away with me. it gets me in all sorts of trouble. and now this. when i am angry i just dont think. i react. i act and react. i am going to work on it over the next while i think. i will try anyway. i’ll have this stupid cast for the next five to six weeks. double sigh.



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