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i feel lonly. it is the midle of the nite. i dont like the dark. i hate it. its so scary. it make me think of bad men. bad things. i get bad dreams too. i wish someone biger would come out. i dont want to be out. help please.


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Wanna die die die so bad?

i feel so clingy, and that upsets me. why do i always feel like a outsider, worthless, like im nothing. i dont matter. why. i hate it so much. it hurts. why do I always feel i need reassurances, need hugs and comforting so
bad? why does my body, my heart and my soul ache for it? sometimes, I catch myself just
following all the outside family around the house hoping someone will stop, turn around and hug me.
and, I know that a lot of the other kids here do it too. I can’t tell you how pathetic that makes
me feel. maybe i dont deserve them or else they’d automatically hug me even if its emily they think they hugging. i wouldnt care. i just want a hug so bad right now. i wonder if pat would hug me if i asked. probly not she probly think we dirty disgusting gross pieces of rubbish who did nasty disgusting things and we’re poison and i bet she think she get germs from us. maybe that what our family thinks of us too. we’re contagous and if they hug us they will catch our illness. they wont though. they cant. i want die i really want to.

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Crisis feelings…

I am so overwhelmed and so tired of feeling this way. Seems like I have
been in this horrible crisis forever, and I don’t know how much more I can
take before I just fold for good. Do others ever get into crises that you
just can’t seem to snap out of and they just go on and on to the point that
you begin to wonder if there is an end to it – so long that you just know
that everyone around you is sick to death of hearing about it and dealing
with you?
Well, that is how i feel just right now. Like i’m bothering everyone and shouldnt be.


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Songs for survivors-Madonna-this used to be my playground

Love this one, makes me sad though, I didnt realise madonnas music is sooo good!

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From Ali-Songs for survivors-Madonna you’ll see

This is my anthem, to all my abusers, to my mom, my dad, their friends, heres a big ol fuck you!

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Songs for survivors-Sia breathe me

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to emily frum alexis

it is me alexis i am six i hav fw fings to say ok it isi dis ok it to emily i don want yu to fro up any mor it not ok an it not saf it dangeros an we dont like it i don like it ok and i want you to sho up for you pointment tomorow not one of us to go insted and yuu shuld not be lukin up diets and ways to fro up online ether ok we can help yu if yu let us eat and let us out ok we wil help yu not to fro up ok cus dats not a good fing an it hurts ok

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