A book called damaged about being did

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When Cathy Glass, a seasoned foster carer, agreed to take on Jodie an eight year old who had a reputation of going through carers she had no idea of the trouble she was about to encounter.

A young girl who was quite cumbersome, her movements quite clumsy and an appearance of aggressiveness this was the first instance of there being somethiing strange about Jodie. Within her first 24 hours she had pood herself, threatened to hit the other children and threw a massive tantrum. Cathy began to wonder what she had let herself in for. Would she come to regret it.

Eventually they discovered that Jodie had been abused by a ring of pheodiphiles. Jodie began to display serious behaviour. Her posture, facial expressions and voice would change. They began to realise that Jodie had a condition called Dissociative Idenity Disorder.

Through Cathy’s patience she helped Jodie face her demons. However, it didnt have a positive effect on Jodie. She began to numb herself to the world and eventually it became clear that Cathy was out of her depth. Jodie ended up moving into a home for children where she would get the best care.

Damaged is an heartbreaking book that never fails to shock. Jodie is an example of an overworked system that leaves victims behind. Cathy writes in a style that easy for people to understand and highlights the foster care system well.

Its a good book that is worth a read.

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