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Today, well this evening, after we came home from shopping we had a rest. Now we are feeling refreshed. I kinda thought we would not be able to sleep but we did. We must have been tired! But we’re always tired. The rest did us good though. Feeling much better now than I was. I think I’ll make hot chocolate. And go talk to my foster mom for a while. Its getting to b about that time. We usually have time together in the evenings. When the other kids go to bed.



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Dedication to our foster mom

I love you, your amazing, and the best mom anyone could ever wish for. Thank you for always being there for us, helping us, guiding us, listening to us, we all love you so much. ❤

Emily and the rest

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You should never throw up fruit, in my opinion

Ok so… here is the thing.

Never throw up fruit. It burns like crazy when its coming back up. Its a terrible horrible feeling.

I ate an orange yesterday evening, and then, i decided I didnt want the calories so decided to throw up. Bad, baaaaad idea! It hurt.

I suppose throwing up wasnt my best decision though right? O well.


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Twitter followers?

So I just lost 4 followers on twitter. Okay. Why did I lose them? To be honest, I dont know. I sent two of them a message asking them why. I doubt I get a reply though. As my friend said, people unfollow for all sorts of reasons. And she said I shouldnt take it personal. I’m trying not to. I really am. Actually corrrction, it was 3 followers not four of them. Because I had 155 followers, now I’ve got 152. O well. C’est la vie I guess.

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Well we finally got some sleep last night. That was after 3 nights of no sleep. Or hardly no sleep. It was good to finally just sleep a little bit without nightmares or flashbacks.

We had another exam this morning. It was geography. I think we did well in that one. 3 more to go and then we’re done finally. Yay. I cant wait to be done.

We are going shopping later today with our foster mom. She needs to go grocery shopping, so we said we’d go and help her with that. She’s leaving the other kids at home with our foster dad. One of the other kids is autistic and has a lot of problems in stores so thats why she stays home usually.


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Quote we love…

Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn’t make you who you are. It is the rest of your story, who you choose to be.

Kung Fu Panda 2

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playing games

we are playing on our iphone. i like doing that. we play angry birds, and words with friends, and some other games. our iphone is so cool. i like having one. there are so many good aps. free ones even. lots of free ones. does anyone else have an iphone? if you do, do you have any good ap suggestions?

kristal, age 10

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