DID-MPD Questionaire

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1. How do you communicate? (Do you ever hear each other’s voices? Do you ever talk to/with each other out loud? Do you ever leave notes for one another? Do you ever communicate without words (using images/feelings/colors/etc.)?)

We can hear each other yes. We write to each other.  We also talk inside to each other in emilys head.
2. How do you find new members? (Do you find other members mostly through journaling? Or can you see and hear them?)

We can see/hear each other.  we do journal also, but that is not usually how we find new insiders.  We just know about each other mostly.  I cant explain it.
3. How do you choose who wears what? Do you argue over clothing styles?

Yes, a lot. It really depends on whose out as to what we wear.  Mostly whoevers out on any given day when we’re getting dressed gets to pick what we wear.
4. How are decisions made in the front (consensus/majority rules/one person makes them/other)?

We usually take a vote.  Everyone from the youngest to the oldest gets to have an input into the final decision.
5. Is knowledge shared equally or do some people have access to things that other people don’t?

Yes. Some insiders have specific powers can do certain things that others cant, and some have more memories than others. It just depends.
6. Can you remember things that other people in your group do? Are you aware of what happens in the front when you’re not there?

Yes. For the most part, we’re all co-conscious with one another. We know what each person is doing when they are out, if we’re not out.
7. Do you remember dreams? Are they your own? Do you share each other’s dreams?

We do not share dreams. Or memories. We each have our own set of memories.
8. Do you all take responsibility when you wrong somebody as a group effort, more collective apology or do you expect the person who did the wrong to fess up?

We would expect that the person who said did the wrong thing would apologise for doing it.  We dont all take responsibility for each others actions.
9. Is there one in your group that stays in the body for more time than the rest? (How often do your primary front-runners change? How often do frontiers switch out? Is fronting a skill that has to be taught?)

We do have some who are out more than others. Allie, April, Brook, Dorreena, Lexi, for example get way more time than some others.  They just interact more with our daily life and the people in it.
10. How do you parcel out time during waking hours between work, school, hobbies, and social commitments? Is it left up to whoever is in the front or do you plan it out? How do you balance money/space usage?

Well we have specific insiders to do school. There are 2 or 3 who do it. So they are out during them times. The rest of the time is a kinda free for all as to whose out.
11. Are there noticeable differences with who fronts? How can an outsider recognize a switch? How would I know whom in your group I’m speaking to? Do you announce yourselves? What’s the most polite way to ask who I’m talking to? What if I want to talk to someone in particular, but someone else is out?

We do announce ourselves for the most part yes. We do not like to be asked to switch to someone else.  Unless there is an emergency.  There are subtle differences between insiders.  For example some are angry all the time, some are just void of feelings, some are just happy etc etc.
12. Ever have someone stuck at the front? What makes you get stuck here or home?
Yes we have had that happen before. Usually when we’re upset. Or stressed.
13. How do people compensate for not having their bodies out front (ex. not matching the body’s gender or appearance)? How does the physical body impact upon the consciousness?
Well we just have to live with the fact that we only have one body not more than that.  The boys dont like it, but then again, neither do the girls.
14  What age range do you have in your system? Do younger or older front runners have a hard time not being in an age appropriate body? Do you have children/minors in your system? What, if any, restrictions do you place on their behavior, in-system and publicly?
Yes our system is laregely made up of kids under 12. We have some older insiders also, but the majority of the insiders are kids under the age of 12.
15. If you could call what you are something other than MPD/DID, natural Plural or Multiple what other term might you use? Or do you like one of the existing ones? Do you call yourselves a system?
Yes we call ourselves a system. We are multiple. Just multiple.
16. How do you all decide how much of yourselves is public? Do you tell everyone that you’re multiple? Are you more comfortable around other multiples than around singlets?
We do not tell everyone, we are careful who we expose ourselves to because of the stigma associated with multiples.
17. How do you keep track of who is in your system?
We keep a list
19. When did you all realize you were a group? Have there always been several people in your body since birth?
We were diagnosed about a year and a half ago now. We always knew we were different though. We’ve always had switching and people inside, we just didnt know what it was for a long time.
20. Did something cause your multiplicity? Do you believe in the medical model at all, for yourself or others?
Yes. I believe abuse caused the multiplicity. Trauma and long term abuse.
21. Tell me about your ideas on integration and separateness. How does it affect your worldview?
We do not believe in integration and we’ve been told by docs we cannot integrate successfully because there are too many of us. But we dont want that anyway. We’re going for co-operation and communication rather than integration.
22. Does anyone in your household/group lose time?
Yes. Our host, Emily does. She loses time a lot. She is in denial a lot of the time about us.
23. Does your system as a whole deal with other kinds of neuroatypicality? Do individuals?
Yes. We deal with depression, or rather Chloe does. We deal with psychosis, or rather April does. We deal with a lot of other diagnosis as well as being mult.
24. How are your memories stored (each person has her or his own/different people store different types/some are personal and some are shared by everyone/other/combination)? Who has access to memories (only the person there/only certain people/anyone they affected/need to know basis)?
Some are personal and some are shared amongst us all, but for the most part each person has their own memories.
25. Is anyone’s identity tied to the body? How do people whose self-identification does not match the body deal with it? Does anyone in your group use the body’s birth certificate name?
Only our host Emily uses the birth certificate, because she was born into the body. She identifies with the body. Personally the rest of us do not.
26. Do you have a group name? How did you get it?
No, we do not have a group system name. We’re trying to come up with one though.
27. How are relationships handled in your group? Do you have in-system relationships? Out-of-system relationships? Is the body functionally hetro, gay, bi or something else.
Hmm not sure about what we are we’re still figuring that out. We do not have in system relationships.
28. Do you celebrate any birthdays? The body’s? Individuals?
Just our host does, that is Emily. We have her birthday each year.
29. Any advice for someone who is trying to figure out if they’re multiple, or for a new multiple just getting to know their system?
Take your time. Dont push things. If your multiple, insiders will show themselves when they feel ready or comfortable. Learn all you can and educate yourself.

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