my childline call earlier tonight

April 14, 2012 at 3:03 am Leave a comment

i had a really good call to childline earlier tonight. i talked to tara. she is a really good volunteer. i like to talk to her because she is good at her job and she listens and doesnt pressure me to talk about anything i dont wanna talk about. i was so stressed out tonight. its mostly because of my little sister but also we went to therapy today and that was hard work. we discussed a lot of stuff about the abuse. just when we think nothing more awful can come up it does and then we’re left to think is there really anything worse that can come out now?  i mean i am sure there is, we all havent discussed all our memories not by a long shot.  the session was draining though and really hard. me and april been having issues too lately because she drives me up a freaking wall sometimes.  i just cant understand how she sees bugs and things and i dont see them. actually no body else only her sees them as far as we know. i think it freaks her out a lot though and she gets psycho then.  so yeah sue my ass cause i was mad and i called her names and shit. well what was i sposed to do?  i know it was wrong and i shouldnt really do it so i am gonna try not to do it any more.  tara gave me homework. i am meant to work on liking things about myself.  i am also meant to work on thinking about ways to deal with my anger.  i gave her homework too though lol. i told her she has to look up two songs on youtube and listen to them. the songs are mean by taylor swift and part of me by katy perry.  i should really try rto sleep as it is the middle of the night. but i cant sleep. there is too much stuff going around my head. anyway, glad my call went good tonight ❤ 🙂

allie, I am 9


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